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Welcome to Davenport – Property Investment Specialists

Introducing solid property investments to help you get better returns
from your savings and for your pension.


My promise to you – to be straight talking and, to only introduce
property investments to you, that I have or would invest in.


Even though I had been an IFA for many years, I found the same problems that almost every UK saver faced; my savings, and even worse my pensions, were achieving much less than inflation.


Even as an IFA at the time, I knew I needed to make my savings, and especially my pension, work much harder than the norm to provide me with a better financial future.


If I had stayed being a traditional saver, my savings and pensions would probably still be earning me next to nothing today.


So now I look to show others what I chose for myself – investing in property.


After many successful years Davenport is continuing to introduce specific investment property to many first time investors. Helping then to take the leap, as I did, from being a saver to being an investor in property.


The investment property market was one I found to be a complete minefield, with companies labelling almost every investment as ‘completely safe’ and suggesting ‘guaranteed returns’. I found it wasn’t always easy to differentiate between solid investments and clever marketing. Now, however, with many years experience, I know what to look for to establish if a guarantee really is a guarantee that can be relied upon.


I’m never going to try to convince anyone that any property investment is completely safe. However, it is my company’s ethos that I have, or would were limitless funds available, invested in all the property investments I introduce and as such I believe they are certainly worth consideration as part of a balanced investment portfolio.


You’ll see from the examples below that the property investments I’ve introduced to my clients have been, and are still, performing much better than that which has been offered on the High Street or by most people’s pension providers and will hopefully continue to do so long into the future.


Chris Mansfield, Managing Director, Davenport Property Investment.

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An introduction to Davenport

Bank rates sourced

5-year Bond

3.25% p.a. / as Feb 2014
    First Save
    5 year fixed rate

Cash ISA

1.5% p.a. / as Feb 2014
        Reverts to 0.5%p.a. after 12 months
        Below Inflation Tax Free Savings

UK Inflation rate

1.6% / as March 2014
                You’re losing money if
                your net returns are lower

So as you can see from the examples above, It really is worth considering investment property as either part of your investment portfolio, or if you are new to investing, it is a great way to start improving your chances of a better financial future.


My first step, is always to have a brief discussion to identify and understand an individuals specific requirements and long term goals – to try to make things easy we filter our property investments into three main categories: Strong Capital Growth, High Net Yield and Lifestyle Properties.


Whereas many companies in our industry shy away from future regulation, Davenport embraces it. We have seen first hand what bad investment decisions can do to individuals and the lengths some companies will go to in order to close a deal. Because of this my blog provides individuals with free information on what to look our for and possibly what to avoid.


Davenport Property Wealth Management Limited is not regulated by the FCA, nor are any of our products regulated by them, as such clients have no protection through the Financial Ombudsman Service. We do however carry Professional Indemnity Insurance for the added comfort and protection of our clients.

How can we help?

We are not here to simply sell you a property, we want you to make an informed choice.
How Can We Help?


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