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Everyone’s trying to make more from their money – can property REALLY provide the answer?

It’s a truism to say that we’d all like our money to make us more money. Couple that with the natural dissatisfaction of both savers and investors who are suffering from the low returns and difficulties associated with regulated and standard investments, and you’ll understand why there’s a constant search for above average returns.

For many, the answer would appear to be investing in property. But (and this isn’t to dash anyone’s hopes), we would urge all investors in property (both starting out and experienced), to take a few minutes to check the statements and facts below:

Property investing – if you’re just starting out, here are three tips that could save you a fortune:

If you’ve not invested in property before, here are three particularly useful pieces of advice:

  1. Be sceptical.
  2. Be cynical.
  3. And most importantly: if in doubt – keep well out.

Why? Because: whilst property investing can be enormously profitable, it can also certainly be no place for the innocent and the gullible.

So always seek advice from those you know you can trust, and go on asking questions until you’re either content to pass, or happy to invest.

Property investing  – six reminders if you’re an old hand:

If you’re already familiar with property investment, you’ll recognise the following pre-requisites:

  1. Always establish the FULL cost of the investment, including any legal costs, taxes, fees and commissions.
  2. Be sure that the underlying security is legally attached to your investment.
  3. Know how long you expect to stay with the investment.
  4. Be sure about the interest.
  5. Be sure about the capital growth.
  6. Be sure about your exit strategy.

Property investing  – there are only three benefits to doing it:

No matter what the property investment is, where it is, or how small or how big it is, there are only ever three potential benefits:

  1. Income: through either rentals or structures such as Loan Notes and Bonds.
  2. Capital growth: in a rising market with pressure on supply, or through refurbishment.
  3. Lifestyle: you buy a property simply because you love it.

And you need to decide which of those three is your priority, because you’re unlikely to be able to get them all, and certainly not in equal part.

By the way – you’ll probably have noticed by now that we’re not selling you anything.

That’s what we mean by “Property investing, properly explained”.


Property investing – the four ways that we might help you:

Davenport Property Investments – we work with investors and property owners/developers to ensure that we match you with the investment which best suits your needs, risk appetite and budget. We’ve a variety of opportunities available, including structured collective investments, and we can suit budgets from £10,000 upwards.

Call Chris Mansfield for more details: 07710 294 255, or email:

Davenport Sussex Developer’s Portfolio – we work with a number of land owners, developers and investors on exclusively Sussex based land and property development opportunities. With our clients, we develop a range of investment structures to suit their requirement for high returns. We also have a range of Off-Market land opportunities across the county.

Call Ed Carr for more details: 07889 361 943, or email

Davenport Prime Central London Off-Market residential – this is our discreet and confidential Concierge service for clients wishing to buy and sell properties in London’s Premier Postcodes, and do so in absolute privacy. We constantly have over £1 billion worth of stock in our portfolio, which includes a wide range of residential and hotel investments. We also have a number of Off-Market opportunities outside Central London, including Country Houses, hotels and exclusive resi and commercial properties in Paris and across mainland Europe.

Call Ed Carr for more details: 07889 361 943, or email

Davenport Development Finance. Straight forward funding for asset backed loans, we access the whole of the conventional lending market, plus we have private investors and private funds as well.

Call Chris Mansfield for more details: 07710 294 255, or email:

Davenport Corporate – designed specifically for Accountants, Wealth Managers, Tax Advisors and discerning IFAs who want to offer their clients access to high returns and efficient tax planning, Davenport Corporate opens up the opportunity for their HNW and UHNW clients to benefit from the entire breadth of our experience and portfolio.

Call Chris Mansfield for more details: 07710 294 255, or email:

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