How can we help you….

…beat the poor returns your savings are currently getting on the high street?

With fluctuating levels of inflation and reductions in high street interest rates on our savings accounts, every time we decide to put money aside for that rainy day – we’re making a loss. Even with the “High-Interest” saver accounts with plush names such as “Liquid Gold”, “Platinum Saver” and “Diamond Reserve”, the reality is that you may only be gaining up to 1% interest on your hard-earned money. And thats not all – research conducted by Lloyds TSB Private Banking concludes that our money has been losing its value over the past 30 years at an alarming rate – 67% to be exact.

So what if you decide that enough is enough?

Well during 2013, which saw average saving accounts interest rates at below 3% and UK capital growth at below 3%, property in some areas of the USA was giving investors rental returns of 14% + net p.a. and capital growth of upto 50% all for an initial purchase price of as little as £25,000. This is just one example of what else you could do with some of your money.

…take control of your pension AND stop its value dying with you?

A pension should give us the peace of mind that, when we eventually decide to stop working, we still have a decent income in order to survive comfortably in our later years. It’s therefore alarming to learn that in 2012 some pensions lost up to 56% of their value. Not only this, but annuity rates hit an all time low. Assuming however that you are one of the fortunate few who’s pension value grew, all be it by a minuscule amount, the fact of the matter is that your loved ones may receive nothing when the time comes for them to receive your inheritance. Instead it will be passed onto the state or lost to the company that provided the annuity.

It’s unsurprising therefore that so many people are looking to self-invest their pensions into investments ranging from hotel resorts in the UK, Cape Verde, Northern Cyprus (not the South) or Turkey and even through purchasing development land in the UK or on such places as the Cayman Islands. Not only will you give your pension the opportunity to receive the growth that you deserve, but in the future your partner, children and grandchildren will be able to benefit from the wise choices that you decided to make today. Don’t let all your hard work saving a pension go to waste!

Investing using a pension maybe not right for everyone but it may just be right for you – why not talk to us to find our more?

…know how you can take steps towards a stronger financial future?

It’s now almost common knowledge that putting our savings in the bank is losing us money. With low interest rates coupled with current inflation levels, UK savers are losing money every day. The future for pension holders, unfortunately, paints a very similar picture. Pensions often are falling in value, gilts are yielding less – which reduces the returns from your pension – and many of these funds are non-transferrable to loved ones when you pass away.

But there is another way.

Given the pathetic returns that UK savers are currently getting, it’s no wonder that many consider the switch to becoming an “Investor”. But what is the difference? Put simply, it’s the level of risk involved with your financial decision making. Whereas someone who is risk averse may be prepared to lose money in a savings account, an individual who is willing to explore other investment options will be able to mitigate the risk through gaining further information and advice. The financial difference between a “saver” and an “investor” is profound, yet the initial level of experience required is identical – none. The first step is to merely consider becoming an investor and from there comes research into possible investments that will suit both your financial requirements, goals and personal risk profile.

If you decide that you might consider making the switch to becoming an investor, do not hesitate to ask us any questions – whether this is by phone, email or at one of our regular seminars. We have a robust attitude to the truth, with an open and ethical approach and are not afraid to tell it how it is.

The only way you can decide what the future is going to be, is if you determine it yourself.

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