Can you really double your Pension or Savings within 6 years?.

Potentially yes…

Let me explain further, before you think its just sales talk.

Well back in the 1980’s interest rates were such that if the question had been asked then, the answer would’ve been quite obvious, “Of course you can, easily, just put your money in a normal high interest savings account”. In actual fact it would’ve been just under 7 years at 10.5% compounded but who’s counting?

Now, however, if I ask the same question most people will look at the interest rates they’re currently being offered and laugh at me like I’m stupid and wonder which fantasy land I was living in.

The reality is that even with rates as low as they are, and likely to stay that way for a while, I would still answer quite simply, yes, I believe it is possible, but unfortunately not with the traditional savings accounts we have always trusted.

Is it realistic or likely? Again, yes I honestly believe so. Just to be very clear though, unlike most, we won’t give false promises or suggest that it’s guaranteed in any way.

We don’t need to; later in this article I talk about two examples of investments we promote that have been proven to have the ability to do just that. Most importantly many of our clients have moved from being “savers” to “investors”, have invested in the property investments exampled below and achieved a combined investment growth of 18% p.a. or more.

As I’ve mentioned, the first step you need to take is to have the confidence to move from being a conventional saver, accepting poor saving rates, to becoming an investor with the possibility of making your money work much harder.

Forget the notion you need to be rich and wealthy to be a property investor, you don’t, you just need to be open-minded and take that first step. Many of our clients are surprised to find that its possible to start to receive amazing returns with as little as £10,000.

A free piece of advice – When starting out as an investor, don’t be led into thinking you have to gear it as much as possible and take out a giant mortgage or loan to be able to invest in property. You don’t, in fact very few of our clients have any kind of additional borrowing, it’s not something we promote doing. The idea with Davenport is to make what you have work as hard for you as possible, not to land yourself in debt that may haunt you in the future.

Quite often I’m asked if I’ve put my money where my mouth and in fact at Davenport we have done exactly that. Our marketing director recently took advantage of an early retirement by investing in both of the investments below. The first is for cash investors only whilst the second, being a commercial property, is suitable for either cash or pension investors. Imagine the possibility of your pension producing this level of income for your future (for more information on investing via a pension click here).

Firstly, traditional buy to let property in the USA. At first you may gasp and worry but don’t, yes I know the web is littered with thousands of properties for sale in the USA but the way we differ from our competitors is that we don’t introduce large volumes of any type of property we can get our hands on. We usually only have a handful of carefully selected family homes that have been refurbished where appropriate, already have tenants in place on 12 month rental contracts, a trusted property management company in place and the investor has access to an online portal to see exactly what’s going on.

Most of our US investment properties currently offer net returns of around 14% p.a. plus the possibility of capital growth, some areas have seen as much as 50% in the year leading up to Sept 2013.

Click here to see further information on this investment or contact me directly for more information tailored to your specific circumstances.

Secondly something different, something I find a lot of people are yet to discover. Investing in 5 star luxury hotels, operated by well-known, trusted brands such as The Ramada or Melia International the largest resort based operator in the world.

So how does it work, well the simplest way to explain the developments we choose to work with is this. The investor buys a property within a resort and leases it back to the Hotel operator to manage as a Hotel on the investors’ behalf. The Hotel operator is responsible for the bookings and running the Hotel and deducts the management costs before sharing the income with the investor. To make this type of investment affordable for more people, the properties can sometimes be fractionalised down to as little as £10,000 or less. In either case the investor owns the property, or a fraction of a property, and benefits from both income and any capital growth whilst having the option to sell at any time. These investments are very often suitable for both cash and pension investors, via a SIPP or SSAS, and cash investors can often benefit from personal usage as well. Where a SIPP or SSAS is to be considered, professional financial advice should be sought to ensure that this route to investing is appropriate for the individual investor.

Click here to see further information on these investments. Or contact me directly for more information tailored to your specific circumstances.

Of course we have other investments that can produce similar medium to long term returns, Click here to see our full range of current investments.

More importantly with any investment we are here for the long term, at any stage in the future if you have and questions, you always have direct access to a member of our team to assist you. Should you at any time in the future wish to sell your investment we are also here to help and we will do our utmost to sell your investment to another investor as quickly as we can.

It is really rewarding to see someone go from a dissatisfied saver to a very happy and satisfied investor and if you’d like that person to be you then I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss further any questions you may have, either by phone or email.

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