Interest levels climb for Spanish property as well as selected US property markets

Posted on September 20, 2012 · Posted in Chris Mansfield - Blog

The overseas property investor appears to be swaying towards more astheticly pleasing property markets.

Overseas property

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Spain, France and the United States are the top destination for British people searching for properties overseas, according to the latest report from RightMove Overseas.

Overall in July some 60% of locations saw an increase in searches while 39.87% of locations saw a decrease in searches and 0.06% of saw no change.

European destinations saw a surge in traffic last month with Portugal rising above Italy to take fourth position in the top ten table and Croatia entered the top 20.

The top three countries have now remained unchanged since January and coastal destinations in particular are proving popular.

‘July’s activity on site saw beachfront properties in Europe as the hot favourite for those searching for their idyllic overseas home,’ said Shameem Golamy, head of RightMove Overseas. Read more at

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