Overseas property investment in 2012 is (as always) about achieving long term returns

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At Davenport, we've advised our clients for many years that overseas investment property should be a long term strategy for safeguarding and maximising your wealth.

Short terms investors need not apply

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The tortoise wins the long race, image by belgianchocolate via Flickr

Whilst regular instances arise where medium term options become available, short term investment into property is completely out of the question in all instances. 

With housing markets and economies fluctuating around the world, short-term investments are harder to predict, warns Paul Collins, editor of BuyAssocation. Long-term returns, on the other hand, are far more reliable.

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Investing in property overseas is not the sort of thing that you should do without correct advice and guidance.
It's through years of research, trial and error that Davenport have established some very unique filtering processes and can truly deliver an excellent investment range to our clients with full after sales support. 
If you are looking to get better, safer returns on your portfolio then why not contact us through our free consultancy service and discover what overseas property investments may suit you by clicking here
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