Florida property for sale is extremely low in price

Posted on September 28, 2012 · Posted in Chris Mansfield - Blog

Florida property is a key area for those looking for a lifestyle investments and in particular the Florida villas currently sitting on the market at extremely low values.


Image by Dougtone via Flickr

A survey published by HSBC showed that in the US destination Brits can pick up a four-bedroom house for £125,000, while £250,000 is enough to purchase a six-bedroom property.

The financial institution pointed out that Florida’s real estate market has only just started to pick up after its slump in 2006, with the favourable exchange rate between dollars and sterling, as well as low property taxes, helping buyers’ money to go further. Read more at propertyshowrooms.com

We make it easy for you.

Already tenanted Florida property is available through our consultancy, however if you wish to purchase a lifestyle investment Florida villa than we can also assist in that.

Whilst it is evident that the properties are at a very low point in terms of their capital value it would be wrong to rely on growth. If you are looking for short to medium capital growth this may not be for you.

Our houses for sale in Florida are very saleable properties, however there are costs attached to the sale as with all property and therefore we recommend this purchase only for medium to long term investors.