Spanish property is leading property market for low price foreign real estate according to Savills

Posted on September 25, 2012 ยท Posted in Chris Mansfield - Blog

Over supply is a huge factor according to supply and demand economics and this is one area where Spain does not fail to deliver on.

All the millions of properties sitting empty in Spain mean that it’s a great market for long term investment.

Spanish property market

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Charles Weston Baker, head of Savills International, told the Telegraph that the Iberian nation is now the main area for picking up cheap property in the eurozone.

This is because the Portuguese property market has so far performed better than Spain, while Greece and Italy do not suffer from the same housing oversupply that is driving down Spanish prices.More reading at, Savilles International

Be very careful about investing however.

This information, of course, does not mean that ANY property in Spain is a good investment. In fact, there are a number of Spanish real estate agents who will try to convince foreign investors that inflated prices are indeed at market value when they are anything but.

Essentially, at Davenport, we guide our clients through the entire process and help them to identify Spanish properties at good values which are most suitable to a property investors long term goals. It’s our mission to deliver good quality advice which is aimed at best meeting the objectives of the individual property abroad investor.