We endeavour to ensure that our client’s receive a service of the highest quality. Below are a selected array of testimonials that we have received through our overseas property investment and advisory services to date:

Jill Davies, Investor

I first heard of Davenport Property Investment through some friends, and because I was trying to get information about how to invest a particular sum rather wisely, I attended one of their Property Investment Seminars. I have to say how gratified I was to find it both informative and useful, with no hard selling or inappropriate ‘pushy’ questions. I got very straight answers from the Chris, plus I had valuable input from the relevant on-the-ground developers who work with them. As I began to get a clearer idea of what my investment could achieve, I met with endless patience from Davenport’s Managing Director, Chris Mansfield, who guided me carefully through my stated options, always giving detailed information on possible outcomes and different scenarios. My risk strategy was assessed, some options were consequently discarded, whilst others were suggested and then discussed in full. Most importantly for me – every question I fielded (and there were many) was met with courtesy and informed detail. I had no pressure to make a decision, but having now made an investment through Davenport, I find I have peace of mind about my decision. And I know if any questions should arise in the future, I can rest assured that they will be met with speed, knowledge and discretion.

Jill Davies

Mark Christie, IFA

I recently purchased a property from Davenport Property Investment.

Chris Mansfield and his colleague, Rob, guided me through the process.

Firstly they invited me to a Property Investment Seminar. I was able to look in depth at the property options and ask questions to an experienced guest speaker who had hands on knowledge about the scheme in question.

I have been to several seminars held by Chris, the latter being September, and they have all been extremely professional and informing.

Next Chris guided me through the various options. He went through the risks involved, the potential rewards, and details such as payment options, completion dates and associated paperwork.

Under no circumstances was I in a position where I felt misguided or at the end of a hard sale.

I am extremely pleased with my purchase and the seamless transition from enquiry to completion.

Thank you Chris, I would recommend you to anyone who wants to look at overseas property as a home or investment.


Mark Christie

Independent Financial Adviser
Positive Solutions

Carole Power, Independent Distributor

Chris accompanied my partner and I to Cape Verde for an inspection trip of the Island and to look at potential investment opportunities.

From the moment we landed in Cape Verde Chris introduced us to representatives of the resort group who took us on a 2 day tour of the island and an inspection tour of Dunas beach resort & Spa, which is still under development and the site for the new Llana Beach Hotel.

We stayed in the completed Tortuga Hotel which met our expectations and more and was all that Chris has described to us. The staff at the resort were attentive and the quality of the hotel build was excellent.

We learnt that investors at the Tortuga Hotel were already receiving an 8% yield and that the Hotel had not even been open for a year. We could see from the completed Tortuga resort and the ongoing building at Dunas beach resort & spa that we would receive a superb finish with excellent facilities.

I am happy to say that after visiting Cape Verde & seeing the resort that we are due to invest in a beach front property at Llana Beach Hotel.

If you are looking for sound, straight talking investment advice then I would highly recommend Chris for his knowledge of the developments, his honesty and his integrity. At no time did we feel pressurised and Chris was able to answer all of our concerns and to put our requirements first.

Yours Sincerely

Carole Power

Independent Distributor for Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Mark Esposito, Restaurant Manager

I am a restaurant manager, aged 50, and, on the recommendation of a long time friend, I recently went to Chris Mansfield of Davenport Property Investment for advice on how to invest some of my hard earned cash.

I already had some ideas regarding what I wanted to do, including investing in a buy-to-let flat in the UK, or starting a pension plan. Chris took his time to evaluate my options, explaining in detail the different possibilities available to me. He also introduced me to some new ideas, which I had not considered, one of which was investing in overseas property.

I found Chris to be very friendly and his advice accessible. He took all the time needed to answer my many questions, and exhibited an obvious and broad knowledge of financial issues.

During the time it took me to make my decision, I dealt with Chris on several occasions, some in person, others on the phone, during the whole process his expertise was readily available to me at all times. And, just as importantly, he always made me feel welcome with his “easy going” style.

I have now invested in property, and feel very safe with my choice, particularly since I know that Chris himself has invested in the same development.

I would heartily recommend Mr Chris Mansfield to anyone who wants to make the most of his, or her, money.

Marc Esposito

Rob Blackman, Investor

To whom it may concern,

I have recently purchased my second foreign investment property through Davenport Property Investment.

Buying an investment or a lifestyle property abroad is a daunting task and trust is the fundamental ingredient. Davenport Property Investment Management’s ethical approach to foreign investments and their grading scheme helped make the process as smooth as possible.

To ensure that the investment matched the level of risk that I was prepared to take, Davenport helped me to develop best, worst and medium case scenarios to make my decision-making as informed as was humanly possible.

Kind regards,

Rob Blackman
Haywards Heath

Alan Novis, Managing Director
I have used Chris in his previous role as an Independent financial Advisor and have also investigated investing in property.

The advice is always very relevant to my requirements and Chris has a tremendous knowledge of the products he sells. Chris is very honest when balancing investment risks verses returns. Although I have not made the firm decision to invest yet as timing has not been right for me personally, I will only invest with Davenport on any future investment.

I would not hesitate in recommending Chris and Davenport Property Investment to clients, family and friends and really value his advice.

Kind Regards

Alan Novis
Managing Director
Prestige Promotional Products

Martin K Augier, Managing Director

I have known Chris Mansfield for a number of years, both from a business and social standpoint. In all this time I have always found him to be both knowledgeable and ultra professional, and a good man to have on your side.
In his role as the Managing Director of Davenport Property Investment, he has spoken to me about a number of different property investment opportunities, which provide some great returns. I have availed myself of one particular scheme, which has produced exactly the return described by Chris, and with which I am delighted.

Chris’s knowledge of his industry is excellent, and as a qualified Chartered Accountant, who has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years, even I was impressed.
I would strongly recommend anyone who is thinking about how to invest their money, or thinking about making a property investment, to speak to Chris, you will be amazed at some of the properties available.

Martin K Augier

Terry Grayer, Engineer

I am a humble 54 year-old air-conditioning/refrigeration engineer, and still work with my hands on the tools, and through pure hard work, have built up some money over the years.
No one has ever given me anything. My Dad was a milkman, and my Mum a cleaner, no silver spoon in MY mouth! But we were bought up to work hard and be sensible with money, as
it’s so hard to come by.

I always fancied a holiday home in the sun. My searching started when I went to Spain some years ago, when it was booming, and I nearly invested there (early 2007). But for me it was overdeveloped and developing too fast, unsustainable I thought, so I didn’t do it. Good decision!

I then went to Cyprus, Pathos, with my financial advisor, looking at investments and developments (late 2007), but wasn’t impressed there either, so didn’t invest. Again, looking at what happened there, another good decision.

I then went to USA, Florida (2008), when the US Dollar was at an exchange rate of two to the £ – a great exchange rate, I thought it would help, even if it wasn’t such a good investment, but after doing my home-work, I decided it wasn’t a very good return, so didn’t invest. And look what’s subsequently happened there. Another good decision!

I had more or less given up on the idea of investing in property, when I met a friend of mine, Chris Mansfield, (who I knew through motor-bike racing) at a beer festival in Southwick over 4 years ago (2010). Chris asked me if I’d bought my “place in the sun” yet, and I said none had stacked up. That was when Chris told me, in great detail, about the new developments in Cape Verde, so I decided to go with him and have a look, as all I stood to loose was the cost of the trip if I didn’t buy, but got that cost off my deposit if I did buy, which I thought was fair (as I was getting a short holiday out of it to somewhere I have never been, worse case).

After my visit, the Island and Dunas Beach Resort ticked all my boxes. Being an air-conditioning engineer, I am busy in the summer (and I like the UK in the summer, with the long days) and not so busy in the winter, so tend to take my holidays in the winter time, 1: as I am not so busy with work, 2: I get out of the English winter and see some sun, and kill off some of the really dreary, dark, cold, wet months we have here.

I have in the past gone down to Australia and New-Zealand (as I have relations in Australia, and friends in NZ), to get the summer down under during our UK winter, but that is a very long way to go, and not cheap, and you have to go for a few weeks at least, not to mention the jet lag. But with Cape Verde, I can go in our winter months, just one hour difference in time, it’s always warm, and usually sunny, just a 5 1/2 to 6 hour flight. It’s the shortest distance you can fly on the planet to be in the sun all the year, basically a “desert Island”, level with the Sahara desert on the globe. And just 20 minutes from the airport – you’re at your apartment.

So after visiting “The Resort Group” (the developers) in Derby, having a presentation, and meeting all the staff in the offices (to make sure the company was bona fide), I paid my deposit for a two bed apartment, which was just a drawing on a plan, (although I had seen the land it was to be built on) and the rest is history.

I did have a few “weak” moments of, “O M G, what have I done?” Especially after speaking to various people – who “always know better”, but have never done anything slightly risky in their lives, (even the wife didn’t want me to do it) – but I did!

You do hear of horror stories about buying off plan, but Chris was there any time I wanted re-assuring. I paid the monies in installments over the years, as agreed, until it was all paid off, the development went to plan, and my apartment was built on Dunas Beach Resort, and I stayed in my apartment last November, for the first time. The workman-ship and finish is first class, I took my Brother-in-Law with me on that trip (as we both like fishing), and he was very impressed with the build quality, and the fishing was excellent.

I visited again in January and April, boat fishing, beach fishing, quad-biking, spear fishing, scuba diving, and one of my mates did the kite surfing (that’s not for me, although we were talking to the world champion kite surfer in the beach bar). I know a lot of people in Sal now, as it’s a quite small and close-knit ex-pat community, and there are good European standard bars (Tam-Tam’s and the Ocean Cafe are the best), good restaurants, and for me it ticks all the boxes. A good few of my friends have since been there now, my Sister and her husband also stayed in my apartment this year, and out of all the people I know who have visited, only one couple didn’t like it there, but they were in a different all-inclusive resort, and didn’t like the food – but the weather was excellent.

I have now visited Sal seven times, never had a funny tummy, and taken some trips to other Islands: Boa-Vista; San-Diego and Fogo. Fascinating – island hopping is fun, it’s a great part of the world to discover.

On one trip, last year in March, before my apartment was finished and habitable, I had a week there with my wife and we stayed in “Tortuga”. We were lucky enough to get to know Rob Jarrett (owner of the Resort Group), who we socialised with most evenings of the week. After meeting the main man, and getting to know him a little, I am convinced that The Resort Group will go from strength to strength with each development in the Cape Verde Islands.

Tortuga already is a success, Dunas Beach Resort will be completely finished soon, and opened, and is also on track to be a success. Lana is to follow, and then I believe more development on Boa-Vista Island is next.


Julie Macadam, Business Owner

I would like to thank Chris Mansfield and Davenport Wealth Management for advising me with regard to the risks and opportunities of investing in property.

Unexpectedly my investment has given me a very good return in just 4 months.
A few people had advised me against buying off-plan, however, given his previous background as an IFA, I trusted Chris – and he had also put his own money into the same investment. I have to say that some of the people who had advised me against buying off-plan, are now wishing that they had had my faith.

I found the whole investment process to be both simple and stress free, and Chris was there to advise me all the way.

I can’t thank Chris enough for his guidance. I now feel I have greater financial security in these uncertain times, and a step further towards early retirement.

Julie Macadam


Andrew Nichols, Ex. Chairman of HBA

I attended one of the Property Investment Seminars recently; the presentations were superb. Clear and easy to understand, and presented in the context of providing a great opportunity to those attendees, delivered with well-researched knowledge and enthusiasm. I have decided that the time is not right for me to invest now and it was a relief to find that I never ever felt under any pressure to do so.

Many thanks,
Andrew Nichols

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