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Salinas Sea Resort, Cape Verde.

Salinas Sea Resort, Cape Verde

Capital Growth, Income, Return - Medium
Salinas Sea Hotel is situated on the beautiful South beach of the island of Sal. With breathtaking views and location, Salinas Sea offers guests luxury and elegance in keeping with other top class resorts in Cape Verde.

Cape Verde, idyllically located off the west cost of Africa, consists of ten islands. Commanding year round average temperatures of 29c, and with no wet season, the collection of islands, located just one hour south of the canaries, offers a real alternative to the Caribbean.

The archipelago is fast becoming renowned for its vast array of culture and white sandy beaches – all in an accessible location – and was recently voted in the top 3 ‘Must Visit’ destinations by Lonely Planet.  It is no surprise therefore that tourism in the region has grown by 107% in the last 5 years. This trend is set to continue with an increase in arrivals of 20% annually, as reported by government figures.

Basic economics states that with an increase in demand must come an increase in supply, and as popularity of the islands increases year on year, so does the demand for majestic sea-view apartments and villas. The Salinas Sea Hotel is a 302 all-suite 5 Star Hotel, the second Sal Island Hotel by the Oasis Atlantico Group, and their fifth in the archipelago, and is intended to offer the increasing level of island visitors a slice of luxury.

With est. capital growth of 4% p.a. and current income levels of 6% – 9% p.a. you will be expecting a rising return of between 9% –  13% return on  invested capital over the next ten years.

35% developer mortgage available for full purchases or fractional ownerships.


6% – 9% per annum net yield paid quarterly with a guaranteed 5% yield for the first 3 years. In order to deliver these figures Oasis Atlantico need to achieve between 64% – 78% occupancy which is already being achieved by lesser resorts on the island. These levels of income are already being realised, having only been open since September 2013, and we believe this occupancy rate should be comfortably maintained going forward.

Oasis Atlantico has a passion for and total commitment to promoting and raising the standard of tourism throughout the Cape Verde islands, paying attention to the social and cultural impact it has on the Cape Verdean people. Salinas Sea Resort marks the beginning of the Group’s strategy to partner with investors to offer long-term high returns and sound value for money, as well as to raise the quality and standard of the Oasis Atlantico Hotel portfolio.

Oasis Atlantico is the biggest Hotel Management business in Cape Verde, with existing Hotels on Sal, Santiago and Sao Vincente, so you can be 100% confident that Salinas Sea will be professionally managed by the most experienced Cape Verde Hotelier possible.

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Chris Mansfield

Managing Director

A strong emerging tourist destination, Cape Verde is the new alternative to the Caribbean. I believe that given Salinas Sea Resort’s location, right on the beach in the main town of Santa Maria, it will be a very popular Hotel giving investors very strong returns.

Capital Growth

4%p.a. considered to be easily achievable especially given past performance on the island and predicted growth in tourism.

The supply and demand economics of Cape Verde are very favourable. It’s not big enough to support a property ‘bubble’ and lacks the infrastructure to support a building frenzy. Plus with strict planning permissions, the Cape Verde government is intent on keeping the island from being unspoilt. Pigs will fly before any high rises appear.


We suggest that property investing should be viewed as a medium to long term investment, with the intention of investing for 5 years plus. having said that no investor is tied in for any length of time. Any investor can sell their freehold property investment at any time and the developer also has a buy back option if required.  At any stage we will assist any investor, whether an existing client of Davenport or not, with the resale of their investment property, promoting to both the open market and our existing clients.


Outright title deed ownership.

There are plenty of detailed reports and projections as well as a layout of site plans, suite plans and much more in our information only area.

Significant facts about the project

Prices start from only €137,000 (€34,350 fractional) and includes high quality furniture pack.

A SIPP compliant investment, depending on your investor classification, that can help to maximise your pension value.

4 weeks personal usage per year (Excluding SIPP Investors)

Discounts available on every Hotel within the Oasis Atlantico Group.

This resort is cash flow independent of any kind of financing and sufficiently capitalised.

5 Star European standard.

video type

I first heard of Davenport Property Investment through some friends, and because I was trying to get information about how to invest a particular sum rather wisely, I attended one of their Property Investment Seminars. I have to say how gratified I was to find it both informative and useful, with no hard selling or inappropriate ‘pushy’ questions. I got very straight answers from the Directors of the business, plus I had valuable input from the relevant on-the-ground developers who work with them. As I began to get a clearer idea of what my investment could achieve, I met with endless patience from Davenport’s Managing Director, Chris Mansfield, who guided me carefully through my stated options, always giving detailed information on possible outcomes and different scenarios. My risk strategy was assessed, some options were consequently discarded, whilst others were suggested and then discussed in full. Most importantly for me – every question I fielded (and there were many) was met with courtesy and informed detail. I had no pressure to make a decision, but having now made an investment through Davenport, I find I have peace of mind about my decision. And I know if any questions should arise in the future, I can rest assured that they will be met with speed, knowledge and discretion.

Jill Davies

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