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Selworthy Grove, Cayman Islands.

Selworthy Grove, Cayman Islands

Capital Growth, Return - Medium
When one thinks of ‘The Cayman Islands’, the immediate thought is often of a tax favorable location for wealthy individuals. And that isn’t far from the truth. The Cayman Islands operates a policy with no taxes on profits, income or capital gains for foreign investors. In addition to this there are no estate or death duties payable on Cayman Islands real estate or assets held within the set of three islands.

With wealthy foreign individuals comes a strong economy. The Cayman Islands is home to the worlds sixth largest banking centre and thus is continually improving the infrastructure of the islands, such as the $2.5billion Camana Bay town centre development. A further example of the development of the islands is a $2 billion, state-of-the-art, 2000 bed, world class medical hospital being built in the east-end of the Grand Cayman. With a predicted 20,000 staff required and 6000 patients flying in every week, the obvious economic benefits of the ‘Health Care City’ speak for themselves in terms of new infrastructure, accommodation, local amenities and the medical tourism associated with such an establishment.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is viewed as integral by the Cayman Islands Government, which operates under British Common Law and thus does not restrict foreign ownership in any way, shape or form. There are also no annual property taxes and with only a one off stamp duty payment, its easy to see why many investors are purchasing a plot on the tropical islands.

With plots starting from £50,000, and with double digit capital growth expected year on year, its no surprise that The Cayman Islands are attracting investors worldwide, looking to  purchase their own piece of paradise.

Cayman islands real estate, land with full planning permission

Plots available with full blue prints, attractive payment plans to suit investors in a tax friendly environment

We’ve spent a lot of time carrying out careful due diligence on various different companies selling land in the Cayman Islands.

For us, Oasis Land is the only company we are happy to partner with due to the amount of evidence they were able to supply to back up the product on offer.

One of the thing we did like about Oasis is that they don’t try to offer outlandish future projections, and rely on provable past performance for investors to make their own conclusions with regards to future values.

This investment is a straight forward option to purchase building plots of land which come with no catches, pre-existing planning permission.


No immediate income available, though there is potential to build and rent.

Capital growth

Once purchased, you can either retain the land with a view to reselling for profit at some point in the future, or you could choose to build a property on your land for personal use or resale.

We’ve found that the plot pricing offers good value and starts from £39,750.00 per plot with full planning permission for residential property development and complimentary architectural drawings including bespoke construction documents.

Purchasers are given several choices of plot on which they can build one of four pre-approved villa/condo designs. Ten years interest free financing is available to everyone on purchases over £100,000.00 (no credit checks required).

Full support given post sale

This is one thing we like to see at Davenport, after sales support is incredibly important to us.

This investment comes with a professional and friendly team of experts offer post-purchase guidance, support and helpful advice – from design and construction through to moving into your island home or renting it out. The team is dedicated to work closely with you to cut through the clutter, remove hassle and overcome any unforeseen obstacles you may face.

We would advise our investors that the minimum term for this type of an investment should be around 5 years or more, reselling any earlier than that kind of term, whilst possible, would be to air on the side of speculation a bit too heavily.

Government figures indicate stronger than predicted recent economic growth, with an encouraging forecast for continuing growth (Source: The Cayman Islands Annual Economic Report 2010).

The Cayman Islands showed 271.2% uplift in value of properties transferred in the January to March 2011 quarter of 2011, which leads to a total of $253.9m which out performs the majority of global economies (Source: Cayman Islands  governments First Quarter Economic Report).

The location is becoming popular for tourism and commercially, with strong interest from the U.S. and E.U. markets.

It’s a democratic British Overseas Territory with property ownership laws that are very favourable to investors, including no restrictions on foreign ownership of land or buildings or annual taxes.

Political stability is obvious and the islands have the highest standard of living in the Caribbean along with minimal crime. Ultra-modern and sophisticated infrastructure and business hub with one of the foremost financial centres in the world.


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